The Importance of Small Music Venues

The Importance of Small Music Venues

The pandemic has shuttered many businesses across the world, some temporarily, some forever. Among those that have suffered most are live music venues, especially smaller ones. Although Congress approved the Save Our Stages Act, which allows eligible businesses to receive grants from the Small Business Administration (SBA), they still need public support. Here’s why small concert venues are so important to cultures and communities around the world.

Reasons to Support Your Local Small Music Venue

Small music venues form a vital and vibrant part of their communities. They provide a place to gather, spend quality time with loved ones, meet new people, and enjoy concerts in a fun and casual atmosphere. Just a few excellent reasons to support them include: 

  • They provide a more intimate experience. Attendees have the chance to see and hear artists from a closer vantage point. 
  • They are essential for emerging music artists and bands. Small venues are an excellent place for professional musician hopefuls to start their careers, given that larger ones aren’t likely to take a chance on acts not guaranteed to sell out. Concert attendees, in turn, get to witness the newest artists and trends in music.
  • They are more financially vulnerable than large concert arenas. Independent entrepreneurs must take out lines of credit that they can be personally liable for. When their businesses are closed or at limited capacity (during the pandemic or natural disasters), it can be difficult to make payments. Many are faced with the prospect of long-term debt, bankruptcy, or corporate buyouts.
  • Corporate buyouts detract from community culture and character. Small entertainment business owners faced with dwindling options for keeping their life’s dream afloat may be forced to sell to larger firms. As one music artist put it, this would be “like Costco taking over a great local restaurant.”
  • Vibrant arts and entertainment events boost local economies. Concertgoers who stop at local restaurants and shops before and after events support both small music venues and the surrounding local economy. Communities with high-quality cultural and entertainment events can also help to lower crime and boost property values


Support a Small Music Venue by Attending “Up Close Concerts” at Main Street Crossing

Main Street Crossing in Tomball, Texas is one of the best small music venues in the Houston metro area. This unique nonprofit in a historical venue hosts country, Americana, folk, blues, and other types of music artists in an intimate setting: the furthest seat is only 45 feet from the stage. MSC also offers food, beverages, and community seating, making it easier to interact with fellow concertgoers and even performing artists.

Main Street Crossing additionally functions as a multi-use venue for church services, concerts, and more located in Tomball. Check out our event calendar and enjoy entertainment in support of good causes!