Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions—the Fun Way

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions—the Fun Way

Every January, the most common New Year’s resolutions are declared again and again like clockwork: eat healthier foods, work out more, get organized, save money, floss your teeth daily. Unfortunately, these resolutions are among the hardest to keep and the deadliest of the dull. It’s not too late to make some that will be just as good for you as the old standbys—but much more fun to keep.


Choose New Year’s Resolutions Focused on Wellness and Personal Growth

Rather focusing solely on physical health or appearance, many people have begun making fun New Year’s resolutions centered on enjoying life more. Far from being hedonistic, this approach can enrich the mind, create important memories, and promote personal growth, all of which are excellent for mental health. A perennial favorite is the aspiration to travel more, but pandemic-related travel restrictions and flight cancellations are currently making this less than enjoyable. Here are some options for feeling a little more alive right where you live.


  • Branch out from the routine by attending a local concert. Attending community concerts supports local artists and businesses. At a small venue you have the unique opportunity for up-close musical entertainment. You may even have a chance to interact with an artist who’s about to become famous or one who already is. 
  • Meet new people. Whether you’re single or just need fresh faces in your life, one of the easiest places to meet new people is at local community events. It’s best to choose events with a fun, relaxing, or festive atmosphere, like festivals, farmer’s markets, holiday celebrations, and concerts.
  • Listen to new music. Listening to music (especially trying out new songs, artists, or styles of music) promotes brain health. You can do this by listening to new radio stations or albums at home, work, or in your car—or you can make a night of it by going to see a live performance.
  • Attend a nonprofit or charity event. Just as consumers have made efforts to support local businesses during difficult times, it also makes sense to do good by attending a local nonprofit or charity event. Studies show that giving also makes you feel good, whether you donate money, volunteer, or participate in a fundraiser.


Keep All of These Resolutions by Attending Concerts at Main Street Crossing

The greater Houston metro area is well known for its excellent live music shows and venues, including Tomball’s own Main Street Crossing. This unique nonprofit venue hosts country, Americana, folk, blues, and other types of music artists in an intimate setting. It also offers food, beverages, and the chance to interact with performing artists and fellow concertgoers alike.

If you’re in the Houston metro area, consider attending an event at Main Street Crossing. Main Street Crossing is a multi-use venue for church services, concerts, and more located in Tomball. Check out our event calendar and enjoy entertainment in support of good causes!