Ministry & Charity


Discussion of Charitable Activities

Main Street Crossing is an assumed name of Main Street Music, Inc., a Texas for-profit corporation. The music related activities hosted under the name Main Street Crossing are under the direction and control of Main Street Music, Inc. which was formed by Main Street Crossing, a Texas nonprofit corporation organized and operated as a tax-exempt charitable organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Main Street Crossing provides evangelical outreach through charitable giving to other qualifying nonprofit organizations as well as benevolence assistance to indigent individuals. This organizational structure helps Main Street Crossing comply with rules for its tax-exemption. After applicable deduction of business expenses and appropriate reserves allocation, Main Street Music, Inc. sends net operating income to Main Street Crossing which is then dedicated exclusively to advance Main Street Crossing’s exempt charitable and religious purposes.

In addition, Main Street Crossing, the Texas nonprofit corporation, supports charitable and religious activities by co-locating and providing in-kind support to multiple, small community churches and ministries with little or no cost or rent to these churches. Over the years, multiple small church communities and ministries shared Main Street Crossing’s facility and call Main Street Crossing their “church home” in order to further advance Main Street Crossing’s charitable and religious purposes. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in about March 2020 and through the present, Main Street Crossing’s collaboration with and co-location support to other churches essentially ceased due to government-issued guidelines and restrictions on gatherings and physical distancing. However, in August 2021 Main Street Crossing arranged to provide support to a faith-based ministry that provides spiritual and mentoring opportunities to the homeless and individuals affected by substance abuse. Main Street Crossing expects to engage in similar religious activities again in the future once the pandemic-related conditions further improve.