Service Fees

A few comments about our Service Fees:

1.”All” music venues like ours have such fees.

2.Our Service Fees average 20% of the ticket price but are capped at $15 per person. This is comparable to other similar live music venues.

3.Why isn’t the Service Fee just added into the base ticket price rather than broken out as a separate charge? The agreement between the venue and the artist (or agent) is that these service fee dollars are set aside to go 100% to the venue to cover ticketing and other service-related expenses. The rest of the ticket money is negotiated to be shared between the venue and the artist/performer at an agreed percentage. This is why the Service Fees are not included in the ticket prices at the time of your purchase. They are a separate item on your receipt.

4.If you have any further questions you can text Rick Davis (President of MSC) at 281-989-5520 and he will contact you.

[Have you ever wondered if we make a profit and if so, how much? In 2023 we made a small profit of (average) $5.71 for each customer who came to a show. All other revenue pays for the various expenses of operating the business and the profit goes to charitable causes we support financially.]