Linda Ronstadt Tribute called Ronstadt Revue

May 2, 2024

Doors 6:00  Show 8:00

We are so excited to welcome Ronstadt Revue, with special guest, John Beland, to Tomball, Texas to perform on the Main Street Crossing stage. What an honor it is to host you for a live concert with an artist up-close. Buy your tickets and read a little more about Ronstadt Revue below.

Ronstadt Revue with Special Guest, John Beland, former bandleader for Linda Ronstadt

Ronstadt Revue is the premier touring celebration of Linda Ronstadt’s 40+ year career. The show features the remarkable vocalist, Gesenia, who doesn’t just channel Ronstadt’s vibrant sound, she positively embodies her very spirit. The repertoire presented spans all of Ms. Ronstadt’s musical genres, including Spanish-language material (as Gesenia is, herself, Latina). Indeed, Ronstadt Revue is so authentic and professional that 2 of Linda Ronstadt’s own band members (Dan Dugmore & John Beland) are co-producing their upcoming (2022) album and Mr. Beland appears with the band in concert at selected shows across the country.

“Every time they play, I’m catapulted back to 1970 on the stage with Linda. This is a fabulous collection of musicians and Gesenia makes the hair on my arms stand up and tingle when she sings. The Ronstadt Revue is the real deal. There are tribute bands and then there is this. Don’t miss it!”

— John Beland, former bandleader for Linda Ronstadt