Why You Should Leave More Positive Yelp Reviews

Why You Should Leave More Positive Yelp Reviews

When the early days of the pandemic prevented small businesses like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and local entertainment venues from serving their full customer base indoors, many entrepreneurs feared their companies wouldn’t survive. Accordingly, conscientious consumers made an effort to support their favorite local establishments with takeout and delivery orders, larger tips, and increased business. 

Today, COVID-19 concerns have eased up considerably, and businesses have largely returned to normal operations. Yet the small business owners who managed to weather lockdowns are now faced with inflation, supply chain issues, and staffing shortages. In short, they still need as much support as they can get from their customers, including more sales from more positive Yelp reviews. If you don’t want to leave a positive review, consider at least not leaving a negative one, especially a complaint about prices during record inflation that impacts everyone.

If you’re not convinced, here are a few more reasons to leave a positive Yelp review at your favorite small business:

  • National Small Business Week takes place in early May. If you haven’t already done your part to show love for a stellar local establishment, it’s not too late to do so.
  • Leaving reviews costs nothing. All you have to do is create or sign into your Yelp account, search for the business, and leave a review. Consider highlighting all the small ways your favorite business is providing great service despite tough times.
  • Positive reviews drive more business. As of February 2022, revenue was the largest concern for small business owners. As the warmer months approach and more people are out and about exploring new places, your positive review can help nudge new customers toward your favorite business as their best bet.
  • More business means a stronger local economy. If you love your community and want it to thrive and grow, think in terms of supporting the local economy. That can mean choosing to give your money to small businesses rather than large ones, but it can also mean building good online reputations for the businesses that are most deserving of it. 

Review “Up Close Concert” Experiences at Main Street Crossing

Main Street Crossing in Tomball, Texas is one of the best small music venues in the Houston metro area. This unique nonprofit in a historical venue hosts country, Americana, folk, blues, and other types of music artists in an intimate setting: the furthest seat is only 45 feet from the stage. MSC also offers food, beverages, and community seating, making it easier to interact with fellow concertgoers and even performing artists.

Main Street Crossing additionally functions as a multi-use venue for church services, concerts, and more located in Tomball. Check out our event calendar and enjoy entertainment in support of good causes. If you’d like to support us, feel free to visit us on Yelp!