The Benefits of Music Festivals in Small Communities

Most people enjoy a good music festival at almost any time of year. They offer an easy weekend activity, the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, see multiple bands and music artists in one place, shop, and enjoy delicious local food. When they take place in a small town, music festivals also offer many benefits to the surrounding community:


  • Boost the local economy. Music festivals draw in people not just from the communities hosting them, but surrounding cities and towns. The farther away attendees come from, the more they spend at local hotels, gas stations, shops, and restaurants. All of this injects extra revenue into the small communities that organize these festivals.

  • Increase community and artist visibility. Out-of-towners who enjoy themselves at music festivals are more likely to return for other activities and events. This brings still more revenue to small communities. The more visitors post about their experiences on social media, the more attention, interest, new visitors, and new revenue comes into town. Newer music artists also benefit from increased regional recognition, which can help to boost their careers.


  • Bring communities together and foster local pride. Event organizers—as well as performing artists, vendors, volunteers, and officials—are all invested in making each music festival a success. The success of each one creates a standard by which the next is measured, which builds on local traditions and fosters a healthy sense of personal and community pride. Music festivals are also a great way to form business partnerships and allow attendees to mingle and share a positive, enriching experience. 


  • Help people take time to enjoy life. Particularly during difficult times, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and inflamed political division in America, music festivals can help people remember to make room for joy in their lives. They also provide welcome relief from long work weeks and other stressors. The best way to make the most of a music festival is to be present in the moment and, above all, to enjoy it responsibly.

Check Out The Big Show Tomball with Main Street Crossing

Main Street Crossing in Tomball, Texas is one of the best small music venues in the Houston metro area. This unique nonprofit in a historical venue hosts country, Americana, folk, blues, and other types of music artists in an intimate setting: the furthest seat is only 45 feet from the stage. MSC also offers food, beverages, and community seating, making it easier to interact with fellow concertgoers and even performing artists.


On October 15th, join Main Street Crossing and the Tomball Rotary Club for The Big Show Tomball, an annual fall music festival featuring live performances, a corvette raffle, food, beverages, and more. Be sure to check these Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.


Main Street Crossing additionally functions as a multi-use venue for church services, concerts, and more located in Tomball. Check out our event calendar and enjoy entertainment in support of good causes!