Make Giving Tuesday Stress-Free With Recurring Donations

Each year, Black Friday and Giving Tuesday kick off the gift-giving season for many Americans. Remembering to make and track charitable donations can add considerable stress to the holidays for one-time donors. Fortunately, you can avoid all of this with recurring donations.

How Do Recurring Donations Work?

Recurring donations work much like autopay for your bills: each month, quarter, or year, your favorite nonprofit can automatically deduct a pre-specified amount without any required effort on your part. With your credit card ready, simply go to the organization’s website and click on their donation page or button. Follow the prompts to enter your desired amount and frequency, your credit card and contact information, and you’re done!

Benefits of Recurring Donations for Donors and Nonprofits

Here’s why you should consider setting up recurring donations:

  • Customizable for maximum impact. All nonprofits offer various gift amount options to choose from, and many also let you choose whether you want to give monthly, quarterly, or annually. This makes donors more likely to give, which increases fundraising success for nonprofits. Monthly donors actually provide 440% more revenue for nonprofits over a lifetime than one-time donors. You can also change your giving preferences at any time.
  • Secure. If you’re giving via an online donation platform, you can trust that it is encrypted for a secure transaction. If you want to verify this, however, look for the “https” at the beginning of the site URL, or for a small lock symbol to the left of it. These are indicators that the site is secure. Using a credit card rather than a debit card offers further consumer protection.
  • Tax deductible. Nonprofits are obligated to send donors receipts for each gift. If you keep your receipts organized and itemize your tax deductions, you can use the receipts to reduce your tax liability. Nonprofits who use online donation platforms can have receipts automatically sent to donors, saving time and effort.
  • Predictable and budget-friendly. Automatic donations, even for a small amount, offer a more financially stable option for both donors and nonprofits. Small, routine deductions are often more manageable for donor budgets than large lump sum payments. Similarly, regularly-scheduled payments help nonprofits to more accurately gauge how much funding they can count on during a given period of time.
  • Stress-free. With recurring donations, you won’t have to add charitable giving to your holiday to-do list, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to support your favorite nonprofits. Once you sign up, you can be a Giving Tuesday hero all year long—without lifting a finger.

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