Standing Room Only: Ambrosia’s Divine and Enduring Rock

For progressive rock music fans, the name “Ambrosia” conjures up not just an era of music, but an example of its lasting vibrancy and vitality. Here’s what you should know about this band.


The American rock band Ambrosia was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1970. The group was founded as a quartet by guitarist and vocalist David Pack, bassist and vocalist Joe Puerta, keyboardist Christopher North, and drummer Burleigh Drummond. Initially named “Ambergris Mite,” the band later changed its name to Ambrosia, which in Greek mythology means “nectar of the gods.” 

Inspired by the progressive rock era — including artists like the Beach Boys, Jimmy Reed, King Crimson, and the Beatles — the group raised the ante with its own unique blend of progressive rock, soft rock, jazz fusion, and white soul. Their early music fused symphonic art rock with a pop sound, resulting in a melodic progressive rock, or “melodic prog” style. They were also influenced by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young and began to experiment with vocal harmonies.

Ambrosia’s visionary work led to an uncommonly successful career that spanned decades. Here’s what you need to know about this legendary band.

Rise to Fame

The Ambrosia band‘s rise to fame began with their signing by 20th Century Fox Records in 1975. Their first album, “Ambrosia,” produced by Freddie Piro, was released in February 1975. It included the top 20 chart single “Holdin’ On to Yesterday.” The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Recording.

After extensive touring, the band released “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled” in September 1976, which received a Grammy nomination and set the stage for their signing to Warner Bros. Records. They also recorded the Beatles song “Magical Mystery Tour” for the musical documentary “All This and World War II,” scoring a top 40 hit.


Ambrosia had 5 top 40 hit singles between 1975 and 1980, including the top 5 hits “How Much I Feel” and “Biggest Part of Me.” They worked with notable artists like Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Alan Parsons, Bruce Hornsby, and others.

Although the band broke up in 1982, they reunited in 1989, and are still performing today. Pack permanently left the group in 2000 and has had a successful solo career, working as a producer for renowned artists like Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, and Kenny Loggins. He also served as a producer and music director for President Bill Clinton’s inaugurations.


Ambrosia’s unique blend of progressive rock and pop sounds left a lasting impact on the music industry. Most of the original band members have been active with the group continuously for over thirty years, and Ambrosia continues to tour internationally.

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