Covid 19 Operating Procedures

The following procedures are being followed during performances to ensure optimal safety for our guests, artists, and employees.

Employees: (This is being required of every member of the MSC team)

  • If an employee is showing symptoms of illness, they will not be allowed to work.

  • All employees will be required to have their temperature taken before entering the building during every shift.

  • All employees will be required to wear an approved mask for the duration of the shift.

  • Our employees already practice safe handwashing practices, but will be required to wash their hands more frequently.

  • We wipe down surfaces such as door handles and bathrooms every hour.

  • Neither the servers or cooks will be handling dirty dishes or empty bottles to maintain extra safety. We have dedicated golved bussers and dishwashers who will be handling all of the used bottles and plateware.


  • Each party will be seated at least 6 feet from other parties. Parties larger than 10 will not be allowed to be seated at the same table.

  • We encourage parties that know another to offer a friendly wave and discourage close contact socialization with other parties.

  • We are requiring patrons to wear a mask upon arrival and until they are seated. Once seated, we understand that masks must be removed while enjoying food, drink and concert. At any point should you need to move about the building, you must wear your face covering.

  • Hand sanitizer is encouraged. There is a motion sensor sanitizer near the front doors as you arrive. If you would like sanitizer at your table, we encourage patrons to bring their own. We also have hand sanitizer in the restrooms.

  • Condiments, silverware, and plateware will be delivered with your order. They will not be left sitting on the table.

  • All menus are disposable and we will be replaced after each show.

  • Smoking: Customers who smoke must do so on the patio located on the eastside of the building, smoking is not allowed on the front porch or inside.

  • We have a system for contactless payment.


  • Throughout the evening all handles and bathrooms will be sanitized every hour. There will be a document posted within the building.

  • At the end of each shift, we will deep clean and sanitize the facility.

  • We have ensured that all unused glassware and plate-ware is 6 feet from patrons at all times.