Main Street Crossing is a non-profit organization.  Looking all the way back to the founding roots, we believe that Jesus is important.  That is actually an understatement.  We also shared a common belief stated best in the form of a question.  “Why do people need a steeple to share the life changing message of Jesus Christ?”  The founders of MSC believed and still believe that the life changing message of Jesus can and should be shared outside of typical church real-estate just as frequently if not more often.  That was the vision: a beautiful venue that is the home of fantastic live music, cold drinks, AND a home for churches and other valuable ministry activities.  That is why we are still here today.

On a weekly basis, the Journey Church meets Sundays at 10:10 and Sondays Church meets at 5:30.  For most of our existence we housed 3 churches per week.  Throughout the year we also host many spiritual and/or charitable events.  If you would like more information in regards to our mission or activities please call 281-290-0431 and ask to speak with Rick, our Chairman.  We currently have availability to house another smallish church on Sunday afternoons.  If you are interested in hosting one of your mission/charitable/church activities at our place, call Matt at 713-480-9459.

A bit about the Journey Church meeting at 10:10:

“The Journey is a spiritual community designed to help you know God more.  We are non-denominational, casual about church but serious about Jesus.  We share a practical yet deeply spiritual message that we hope transforms you from the inside out. 
The Journey mission is to lead people to Jesus, connect them to a spiritual family challenge them to healthy practices and build a life that matters beyond this present life.  
When you join us on Sunday mornings you will feel comfortable, connected and challenged instead of confused and condemned.”